The EOS II, a more ergonomic device and an upgraded chipset! The EOS II features the GX-180-UTC, a chipset that packs a punch and saves battery life. With the new chipset equipped, you can really personalize your device to your liking from changing the color of your screen, how to unlock your settings mode, setting your puff limit, and much much more. The new software in the GX-180-UTC features our “swipe left to right or right to left to change firing modes”. We’ve also included a SOFT, NORMAL, and HARD firing modes. The EOS II is composed of beautiful stabilized wood, acrylic/resin on a lightweight aluminium frame to make a feather-like mode.

Product Specifications:

• Chipset: GX-180-UTC
• Dimensions: 26mm x 58mm x 87mm
• Accommodates Attys and tanks up to 26mm
• Aluminium frame + Stabilized Wood
• Wattage Range: 5W – 180w
• Display: IPS Captive Touch Screen
• Coil Resistance Range: 0.1ohms – 3.0ohms
• MAXIMUM Wattage Output: 7.5v
• Net Weight: 113g

EOS II Includes:
• EOS II 180w Box Mod
• Velvet Carrying Bag
• Wood Buffering Tool
• User Manual